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Cancer Factsheets in EU-27 countries - 2022

These factsheets provide an overview of the cancer disease burden in EU-27, based on 2022 estimated cancer incidence and mortality estimates and other information.

The factsheets collect, condense and communicate information on the second most common cause of death in the European Union after cardiovascular diseases.

Cancer factsheets inform the reader about differences in incidence and mortality rates within EU, by sex and age class.

The cancer factsheets are based on data provided by the ENCR-affiliated cancer registries and available in the data explorer section of the ECIS web application.

Cancer estimates factsheet in EU-27 countries for 2022

Cancer estimates factsheet 2022
(30/09/2023 - PDF)

Breast cancer factsheet in EU-27 countries for 2022

Breast cancer factsheet
(30/10/2023 - PDF)

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