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ECIS - European Cancer Information System

ECIS provides the latest information on indicators that quantify cancer burden across Europe. It permits the exploration of geographical patterns and temporal trends of incidence, mortality and survival data across Europe for the major cancer entities.

The purpose of the web application is to support research as well as public-health decision-making in the field of cancer and to serve as a point of reference and information for European citizens.

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Incidence and mortality estimates 2020

National estimates of cancer incidence and mortality in 2020, for the major cancer sites in European countries.

Non EU-27 countries have now been included new

Incidence and mortality historical data

Incidence and mortality statistics over time by cancer site and demographic variables, in European cancer registration areas.

Survival estimates

Estimated indicators of survival, by cancer sites and sex, across European countries and regions.


Breast cancer factsheet in 2020 for EU-27 countries new

A new series of factsheets is under preparation: it includes up-to-date 2020 estimates and time trends for cancer incidence and mortality from ECIS. Here is the first factsheet, focused on breast cancer.

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